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Virtual private networks (VPNs) are starting to become commonplace as more software and hardware companies add them to their consumer products. Earlier this year, Cloudflare launched WARP VPN for iOS and Android. More recently, Ubiquiti updated its line of AmpliFi consumer Wi-Fi routers to support VPN connections.Buy VPN

The popularity of VPNs has been increasing as more consumers seek to protect their privacy and to defend against hackers on compromised public Wi-Fi networks. VPNs also provide a value-added service to consumers for companies that already make networking-related software or hardware. Additionally, providing VPNs through a freemium model introduces a new revenue stream.
The latest version of Speedtest for iOS (Version 4.1.13) comes with a preview version of its new VPN service. The VPN is currently free and has a data transfer limit of 2GB. It’s unknown if Ookla plans to provide a fee-based version that provides more data and a faster connection like Cloudflare’s Warp+ Unlimited VPN.

To enable the VPN on an iOS device, the app must first install a Personal VPN profile. After the profile is installed, activating it is as simple as tapping the power toggle.
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432
www.buyexpressvpn.net/ www.buyvpnservice.net/

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Mobile devices are often connecting to unsecure public Wi-Fi networks, which can expose them to cyber-snoops that are connected to the same network. Mobile devices can also easily connect to fake public Wi-Fi networks without the user ever knowing, which is another common ploy used by cyber thieves.unblock websites
How a VPN protects you

Using a VPN essentially creates a tunnel between you and the websites you are connecting to, which keeps anyone else from seeing the information that you are sending over the network.

When a VPN should be used

For those that travel often and connect to public Wi-Fi, using a VPN while doing so is an essential step to protecting your privacy.

If you rarely travel and connect mostly to your own Wi-Fi network, about the only reason to use a VPN is to prevent your ISP from tracking your whereabouts.

Your ISP can’t see what you are doing when you get to an encrypted () page, but they can track the actual websites that you visit. Once you connect to a VPN service, your ISP can no longer track this information, but the VPN service can, so it’s important to look for a VPN that clearly does not log your usage.

Another common usage for a VPN service is for those that travel internationally. Many popular entertainment and news services, such as HBO or ESPN have geographical restrictions for their content, so using a VPN that has servers in the US may allow you to watch your shows from abroad.

I say ‘may’ because companies such as Netflix started blocking VPNs back in 2016 and others seem to be following suit, so your mileage may vary.
Free vs. pay VPNs
There’s a seemingly endless list of potential VPN services you can use, so the first step is determining whether a free or pay service is better suited to your needs.

While a free service sounds appealing, there are a number of reasons that I personally have chosen to use a pay service.

The first is performance; even the best VPNs will have a potential impact on your performance in the form of a reduction in bandwidth. Free services can’t justify the same infrastructure expenditures that a pay service can, so in general, you’re likely to experience more inconsistent performance with free VPNs.

Some free VPNs use advertising to support the network, which automatically makes me suspicious about their logging practices. It stands to reason that if a VPN service is ad supported, they’re going to use everything they can to attract advertisers.

Free services may not offer the most up-to-date encryption protocols, may limit how much data you can use per month or day and may be very slow to connect as they typically have fewer servers for connecting.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432
www.vpnsnetflix.net/ www.buysecurevpn.com/

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Everyone's favorite open source web browser is getting a little bigger, as Firefox is reportedly adding premium news subscription and VPN services to their offerings.fast VPN

While far from the most popular browser in the world, Firefox certainly has its fair share of fans. Between the open source foundation and the commitment to privacy, the web browser from the Mozilla Corporation is not nearly as defunct as some might think, particularly with the rumored new features on the way.
n fact, the “learn more” button on the Firefox first look website for the service just takes you to a survey designed to gauge interest in the premium subscription.

Considering the tumultuous state of journalism in the world today, it's safe to say that everyone is looking to make their mark, and apparently Firefox is taking a stab at it. Whether the move is designed to improve journalistic integrity or just build out their web browser remains to be seen, but that's not the only thing they could be adding on.
Mozilla is also reportedly launching a premium VPN service within Firefox that will cost $12.99 per month. Much like other in-browser VPNs like Opera, the Firefox VPN will provide “a secure, encrypted tunnel to the web to protect your connection and your personal information” while using the web browser.

Similarly to Mozilla's announcement about the news subscription service, the Firefox VPN has no expected release date, as they seem to be gauging interest across a wide range of services, including this one. You can sign up for email alerts to stay abreast of any developments, but even the survey says it could be three months before you hear back.

Firefox and VPNs have gone hand-in-hand recently, as the web browser has previously teamed up with ProtonVPN to make the internet a more secure place for their users. However, this appears to be a different story, as this will be a specific Firefox VPN created by Mozilla.
All this talk about premium services and dollars per month might unease some of those loyal Firefox fans mentioned earlier, particularly considering the browsers long-standing commitment to providing free, secure browsing. Do all these upcoming features point to the potential for a paid browser in the future?

Rest assured, there's nothing to worry about, as management has assured us the cost-free version isn't going anywhere.This doesn't mean, however, that Mozilla won't roll out a premium version of Firefox in the future. Adding these features is one thing, but the ease with which a paid Firefox web browser could completely change how users interact with the internet is at least notable, particularly from a security standpoint.

VPNs are designed to keep you and your personal information secure when you're online, but it also has a wide range of other benefits that are a bit more specific. For one, you can hide your location, making it easy to access streaming services from around the world with ease. You can also avoid bandwidth throttling and monitoring across your devices, all features that would seriously benefit any and all Firefox users.

Considering the recent upswing of security breaches and compromised personal data, VPN usage has become quite popular for individuals looking to protect their privacy online. If you're interested in signing up for one now, check out Tech.co's helpful VPN guide to learn everything you need to know.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432
www.fastvpnproxy.com/ www.vpnsnetflix.com/

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It’s safe to say that plenty of the shenanigans you get up to online are being tracked, logged, or monitored by someone. Whether it’s an advertiser getting your attention based on the window shopping you did during Prime Day, Facebook suggesting friends for you based on your interactions on Instagram, or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sending you a cease and desist letter for trying to download an illegal copy of Midsommar, someone probably knows what you’re doing online.VPN service

Which is why a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a service that obfuscates your online activity, can sound so appealing. A VPN creates a secure, encrypted connection from your device to the web, disguising your IP address and online traffic. From there, depending on your VPN of choice, you can essentially pretend to browse the web from anywhere without revealing where you actually are. They won’t make you completely anonymous online, but they can help to keep your browsing data private, usually at the expense of a small dip in internet speeds.

“VPNs have exploded in the marketplace since the rollback of the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband privacy rules in 2017, because people usually don’t trust their ISP,” says Jerome Joseph, policy counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology, an online privacy advocacy organization. “And they saw VPNs as a way to avoid the watchful eye of their ISP.” The repeal, signed into law by President Donald Trump, gives your ISP carte blanche to sell your web traffic-related data to marketers, finance companies, and other interested parties, all without your consent.

Now that ISPs are able to sell and profit from your web traffic, it makes sense that so many people are interested in protecting their activity. But even VPNs might not be a silver bullet when it comes to privacy, experts say.

More often than not, VPNs just shift your risk,” says Gennie Gebhart, associate director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a digital privacy advocacy group. “They don’t eliminate privacy risk.” That’s because a VPN, like your nosey ISP, still has to see your web traffic in order to protect it — so if you want to use one, you should make sure it’s one you can trust.

How can you tell which VPN is on your side? And which ones are playing fast and loose with your data? Pricing is a huge giveaway. “In general I think users should stay away from free VPNs,” says Joseph. “There is no such thing as free; your data is their product.” The most popular paid VPN services usually cost around $10 a month.

Other factors, like a VPN’s server location or locations, data logging policies, and past responses to requests for data by law enforcement, are all worth considering as well to consider, but don’t guarantee protections. “The laws might change in the country where [a VPN is] based,” says Gebhart. “It’s such a moving target, choosing the right VPN.”When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432
www.fastexpressvpn.com/ www.fastritavpn.com/

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Russia's attempts to censor and surveil its citizens by cracking down on Internet services is extending into the VPN realm. Russian news agency Interfax recently reported that Roskomnadzor, the country's media and communications regulator, plans to block access to nine VPN services "within a month" for failing to comply with its demands.VPN

Roskomnadzor reportedly told 10 popular VPN providers in March that it would block them from Russia unless they started to follow local regulations. That would require the services to prevent their users from accessing the Russian government's list of banned websites, effectively removing one of the easiest ways to bypass the country's internet censorship. Only one of the providers--Kaspersky Secure Connection--agreed to the regulator's demands.

The other providers contacted by Roskomnadzor include popular services like OpenVPN, NordVPN, four others with VPN in their names, IPVanish, TorGuard and Hide My Ass. Most were explicit in their refusal to comply with the regulator's demands, assuring their users that they weren't interested in perpetuating the Russian government's censorship. TorGuard wiped its servers in Moscow and St. Petersburg to reassure its users.

We don't yet know how successful Roskomnadzor will be in blocking access to these services. Most aren't located in Russia, which limits its ability to force the companies to do anything. But that doesn't mean it won't try, as it proved in April 2018, when it banned millions of IP addresses to stop banned services from using "domain fronting" to evade its censors, (which helped lead Google and Amazon to ban domain fronting on their platforms).

Russia has made it clear that it doesn't plan to ease the pressure on tech companies that limit its ability to control what its citizens access online. It asked Apple to block Telegram from the App Store in June 2018, for example, and recently pressured Facebook to store information on Russian users inside the country. Regulators were also believed to be working with Google to remove links to banned websites and services from its search results.

Soon Kaspersky Secure Connection may be the only major VPN service Russians can legally use. That's probably not a good look for the Moscow-headquartered cybersecurity firm, which moved from Russia to Switzerland to ease international concerns about its connections to the Kremlin. Nine of its counterparts refused to compromise their commitment to fighting censorship. What does Kaspersky being the outlier imply about the vendor and how it views its customers?When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432
www.buyvpns.net/ www.buyvpnservices.com/

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There's a cringeworthy headline you've likely seen on social media this month.Eyelash extension supplier

Article after article claims doctors are sounding the alarm that eyelash extensions lead to an increase in cases of lash lice.

The frenzy started earlier this month with a story from a television station in Houston. An optometrist told the station she's seeing an increase in something called "Demodex."A quick Google search reveals Demodex is actually a microscopic mite that lives on your skin. According to Women's Health, there's "a really, really good chance you've already got a troop of eyelash mites calling your lashes home."

If too many mites build up around the lash line, they can cause itching, irritation and redness.

So why would Demodex be linked to eyelash extensions? Experts say it's because some people with extensions aren't washing their faces as often as they should."Some patients who have eyelash extensions, where they don't want to disrupt them because they don't want those extensions to fall off, they might decrease their hygiene of their eyelids," said Dr. Greg Nixon, an optometrist with the Ohio State University College of Optometry.

To prevent problems, all you have to do is use warm soapy water on a regular basis to clean around your eyes. Diluted tea tree oil can be used to treat a buildup of mites.

Eyelash lice does exist, but it has not been linked to extensions. Lice can usually be seen with the naked eye, unlike the microscopic mites.

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Many women are getting eyelash extensions from technicians that apply lash by lash. But now, some optometrists say they're seeing an increase of tiny mites, similar to lice.

If you're a fan of eyelash extensions, you might want to think about the last time you cleaned them. Eyelash extensions

While you might not want to ruin your new set of lashes by cleaning them, one nurse said you really should -- if you don't, it can get pretty gross. Optometrists are seeing more mite infestations, or "Demodex." This is due to eyelash extensions that are glued lash by lash.

"People are getting these instructions, don't rub on them, don't clean them with harsh remover, but people are completely disregarding cleaning them at all," Piedmont Medical Center Registered Nurse Lindsey Neal said.

Neal said the lack of cleaning can lead to a build-up of bacteria."If you're not taking care of them, [you] can get an infestation of eyelash mites," Neal said.

While we all have mites on our bodies naturally, they flock to dirty eyelashes. If they overpopulate, they can cause a serious infection. Symptoms include itching, redness, and swelling.

Even more alarming? Neal said they are contagious. She said it's critical not to share eye makeup. In addition, she urges people to regularly clean their eyelids and make sure tools used to apply extensions are clean.

The condition is treatable but, it can take some time. Doctors say even if you don't have extensions, you can still get mites if you don't clean your eyes, or if you don't change out your eye makeup.

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As eyelash extensions become a popular trend, some doctors say they are seeing an uptick in lash mites due to poor hygiene.Easy Fan Blooming Lash Extensions

Dr. Sairah Malik, an optometrist in Houston, said she’s seen an increase in Demodex, which is the medical term for the mites.

“This is due to the fact that a lot of people who get extensions are afraid to wash their eyes and eyelashes due to the fact that they may damage the extensions which are costly and time consuming. As a result of not washing, this area becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other parasites such as the Demodex,” Malik said. Demodex is a genus of tiny parasitic mites that live in or near hair follicles of mammals, according to an article from the Indian Journal of Dermatology, published on the National Institutes of Health.

Demodex is a parasite that lives inside the hair follicle, so naturally anywhere there is a hair follicle, Demodex can survive there, as long as there is enough food/bacteria for it to thrive in,” Malik added.

“The eyelash extensions act as a sort of sponge for bacterial buildup which is an ideal environment for Demodex to thrive,” said Dr. Kam Silani, an optometrist in Beverly Hills, California, who said he has also seen cases of the mites.

He said there seems to be an increase in the number of diagnosed case of Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) among his patient population. Two main contributors to anterior Blepharitis are bacterial overgrowth and Demodex.

“Demodex has a classical presentation known as cylindrical dandruff which resides at the base of the eyelashes,” Silani said, adding that the terms eyelash “mites” and “lice” are sometimes used interchangeably, but refer to the same organism — Demodex.

Malik said the technical term for the eyelash mites is Demodex, but it is similar to lice. Janet Figueroa, a cosmetologist and owner of Kiss My Lash in Ontario, California, said the reason people often cite for not washing their eyelash extensions is a myth.

“There is an increase in women thinking if they don’t wash them they’ll fall out faster but that’s just a bad myth, they only fall out of the technician doesn’t apply then properly,” Figueroa said. But she said she doesn’t see the mites with her clients because she does proper after-care education with them.

“New clients don’t come in with this, the only times I have seen it it started with my clients admitting that they don’t wash them, and as they come in for a fill you notice gunk (yellow/flesh colored) build up of old cells or makeup. After that it becomes these yellow bulb like bumps on the lashes at the base of the natural lash and then that grows into the lash mites,” the cosmetologist said. Silani also said she has encountered patients who avoid washing their eyelash extensions.

“Demodex live dormant on skin, when there’s an imbalance or overgrowth then they can cause various issues and symptoms for the patient(s). Unfortunately many of these women with false lashes avoid washing their eyelashes because they are worried that they may ruin the extensions; thus, creating an ideal environment for Demodex to flourish.”

Malik also said it’s important to ask one’s eyelash facility to demonstrate the proper way to clean the extensions.

“We see a very young population and in our age demographic, eyelash extensions are very popular and common. So we see many many cases in a month and treat this (Demodex) on a very regular basis,” the optometrist said. Malik wanted to be clear that eyelash extensions do not cause Demodex.

“The lack of hygiene and proper maintenance of the extensions is what leads to this condition. We must also note that individuals who do not get extensions and also do not wash or cleanse their eyelash margins appropriately are at risk as well,” she said. Malik said she has seen Demodex cases with patients who don’t have eyelash extensions, particularly in men.

“We have observed many cases of Demodex in those individuals without eye lash extensions. For example, we have seen this condition in a lot of men due to the fact that most only use soap and water to wash their face,” she said. “Most women pay more attention to cleansing due to removing eye make up, etc., so we have to educate the men, that they must cleanse their eyes and eyelashes to keep the bacterial load down which naturally increases with age.”

“The frequency with which we diagnose Demodex seems to be on the rise among male patients who don’t have good eyelid hygiene techniques as well as women with eyelash extensions,“ Silani added.

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anjin is a buzzing city that draws a diverse mix of people. You can see why, when Tianjin has a higher GDP than Beijing and Shanghai. And, reports 14% annual economic growth – fastest for any region in the country. You'll find excellent value for money in Tianjin. The cost of living here is significantly cheaper than the UK or US. You'll be able to make the most of your time in China on a student budget.living in tianjin
Tianjin has a history of internationalism – you'll see lots of European architecture from throughout the 20th Century in the Five Avenues district. The beautiful Bohai river flows through the city, popular for evening walks, jogging and late night dancing.
As an international student, you'll probably attract curiosity from the locals. They'll want to get to know you and your story. Some of our students say they feel like rockstars on campus! The biggest international community in Tianjin is South Korean. Numbers of African and South Asian people are growing at the fastest rate. We'll help you make friends with other international students on campus, and local Chinese students, too. You'll find good restaurants, pool halls and bars for students just across the street from campus. Tianjin has multiple universities, it's a big student-friendly city to live in.

Your studies at Nankai University will likely include an internship or placement. Tianjin is a great place to be for this. 285 Fortune 500 companies have a presence in the city, including Samsung, Toyota, Motorola, Yamaha and luxury brand hotels. You’re also just 30 minutes on the bullet train from the capital, Beijing. Tianjin is home to one of China’s leading mini-invasive surgery training centres.
The Nankai University campus is so vast that it will feel like your own close-knit student town. New friends are around every corner and we organise lots of activities to help you meet people. Concerts, sports and talent shows are popular here, so bring that acoustic guitar with you! The YICA (Chinese Culture Exchange Society) club offers a platform to share and celebrate your culture with other students. Although there isn't any religious provision on campus, you'll find a number of registered churches and mosques nearby which will welcome you.

The international student accommodation building will be your home from home for the next few years. It’s the best option for your first semester, as you’ll be close to everything you need on campus. The building has 24-hour security and key card access. Can’t cook? Don’t cook! You’ll find a number of canteens and restaurants either on-site or within 10 minutes’ walk of your accommodation, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Facilities are similar to dorms in a UK or US university – Wi-Fi, phones, post and laundry are all right where you need them. The international student dormitory gives you the best start to your studies.

It's the real deal here. Chinese food in China is unlike the Chinese food you get back home. You'll taste the eight main cuisines of Chinese food, which vary significantly in flavour and style. Between the two campuses there are six student canteens, a halal canteen, four large Chinese restaurants, a cafeteria for international students and countless small independent traders selling snacks and drinks around campus. The Tianjin campus also has a fruit, meat and vegetable market. You'll never go hungry – even on a student budget. Typical meals in the canteen cost around RMB 10 – less than a loaf of bread in the Europe.

Need your fries fix? Who doesn't? There are small cafes and western food outlets on campus serving burgers and sandwiches. You can also find a few familiar brands including Subway and Gloria Jeans Coffee just minutes away from the international student dormitory on the Jin Nan campus.

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Established at a time in a time when China vies for a place on the world stage, Xiwai International School focuses on preparing students not only for higher levels of education, but, more importantly, for an increasingly boundary-less world. The School aims to cultivate within each of its students a balance of Chinese values and a global perspective. The School strives to achieve this mandate through the delivery of high-level programs that foster excellence in all areas of a student's development—all within a stimulating and nurturing residential environment. Students are encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically, and are motivated to achieve their intellectual, artistic, and athletic potential.Shanghai international school admission

Xiwai founders and Advisory Board members are passionate about contributing to the development of education in China. A number of the school's Advisory Board members hail from the private sector, and draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience, including such figures as Mr John Thornton, ex- President of Goldman Sachs and Nicholas Rockefeller, from the Rockefeller Foundation. Others have a lot of experience in the area of education, both in China and internationally, and at such prestigious institutions as Fudan University, Harvard University, Yale University, Oxford University and Leeds University. They include such respected scholars and educators as Professor Tony Saich, Harvard University; Dr Laura Newby, Oxford University; Professor Xu Tian, Yale University; Professor Dai Weidong, President of Shanghai International Studies University; Mr Tang Shengchang, Principal of Shanghai High School; Mr Rong Xinmin, ex-Acting Principal of Shanghai International High School (affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University); and Professor Ye Lan from East China Normal University, a well-known Chinese education expert.

Xiwai International School aims to be a multi-cultural community marked by a sense of integrity, and respect for self, for others, and for the natural environment. The Xiwai experience hence nurtures in its members a life-long commitment to develop what is finest in themselves and others, and create the best for others and themselves.

As a multi-cultural community, Xiwai fosters a spirit of unbridled support, regardless of a student's background, and encourages every member of the community to contribute to the wider community. With both Chinese and English as the official languages of the community, students and teachers communicate in two languages, an approach that embodies a true form of bilingual education, and enables Xiwai's students to prepare themselves to reach out to the wider world. The school's residential management has adopted the English House Master system, in order to enrich the range of extra-curricular activities and provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for students.

Xiwai is an active, participating community. Xiwai encourages students, as well as parents, to participate in the school's management and the teaching and learning processes. The school's learning environment is interactive and discussion-oriented, using a “round table” approach wherever appropriate. It will also organizes seminars, given by prominent speakers from home and abroad, including scientists, theorists, educators and artists, who will also participate in the school's curriculum development. As a result, Xiwai students are able to expand their horizons and make valuable contributions not only to their school, but also to the wider community.

Xiwai has opened its doors wide in order to recruit the most highly qualified and dedicated teaching and administration team. A look at the composition of Xiwai teaching staff (including kindergarten and primary section staff) reveals that more than 98 % possess at least a Bachelor's degree; more than 40% hold a Master's or Doctoral degree from home and/or abroad; a high percentage have had experience studying and working in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and New Zealand; and over 60% are competent in bilingual education. We thus have a range of excellent, committed teachers in the classroom, representing a balance between the young and energetic, and the highly experienced, to enable students to benefit from a variety of teaching styles and approaches. The school has, in addition, invited municipal and district researchers, as well as subject experts from East China Normal University and Shanghai Normal University, to advise and help coordinate the school's academic program.

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Just as the Western Disturbance (WD) weakens, the fog threat looms over northern, central and eastern parts of the country. Under these favourable conditions—clear skies, calm winds and low temperatures—dense fog is forecast across the Indo-Gangetic plain at least till Tuesday. Road traffic, railways and flight operations are likely to be affected.To get more fog forecast, you can visit shine news official website.

The WD dominated north India on Friday, an intense spell of rain and snow affected the daily life across the region. Multiple places in northern India witnessed more than 100 mm rainfall along with heavy snow at higher reaches and hail at isolated areas.

Now, forecasts suggest very dense fog at isolated pockets over Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, north Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, especially during the morning hours. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued orange level alerts in these regions for Sunday and Monday mornings. Orange alert signifies 'be prepared' for the possible extreme weather event.
Fog risks also prevail over north Madhya Pradesh and Bihar during the same period. As the temperatures have started to fall significantly across northwest and central India, the IMD forecasts the likelihood of cold wave conditions over Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand during the next three days.

The WD along with its induced cyclonic circulation resulted in scattered to widespread rain, snow, hail and thunderstorms in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and east Madhya Pradesh. As the WD weakens, the rain and snowfall have drastically reduced on Saturday. But the remnants of the system will continue to give light rain and snow with one or two moderate spells over Western Himalayas till Sunday morning.

As per the IMD records, Manali in Himachal Pradesh received 100 mm rainfall while Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, Pahalgam in Kashmir, and Dharamsala in Himachal received around 9o mm each.

Farmers in Rajasthan suffered significant crop damage during the last two days. A hailstorm hit Nagaur district in the state during the evening hours and night which blanketed the streets with what looked like snow. Many parts of Rajasthan also witnessed a hailstorm leading to losses in crops and livestock.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot held a meeting with Chief Secretary DB Gupta and other officials on Friday and directed them to survey the crop loss. Disaster relief Secretary Siddharth Mahajan said eight district collectors had informed the government about the crop loss.

In Himachal Pradesh, road links were hampered on Saturday, blocking highways and link roads. A large number of commuters were stranded across the state, officials said. The entire Kinnaur district is cut off. There was no loss of life.

"There is no movement of traffic towards Kinnaur district on the National Highway-5 beyond Tapri. Work is on to restore electricity in Kinnaur. The Pangi valley in Chamba district is also cut off from the rest of the state," an official said. Weather in Himachal Pradesh is likely to clear by Sunday.

The Kashmir Valley witnessed blockade of highways and affecting commuting for the locals. "The highway has been blocked at three places due to landslides and shooting stones," a police official said. "Many trucks are stranded on the highway, but they have been halted in safe zones."

In the current winter season, rain and snow began in the hills of north India in November itself, and that too in excess. By the end of the month, Kashmir was a surplus of 379 per cent, Himachal Pradesh by 143 per cent and Uttarakhand by 239 per cent.

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A local doctor received more praise on the nationally televised daytime TV show "The Doctors" for his efforts to help his patients beyond his clinic.To get more local doctors, you can visit shine news official website.
Dr. Ray Altamirano, who runs Casa Salud Family Medicine Clinic, was recently featured on the "Kelly Clarkson Show" in September for running a business that treats patients with no insurance. Additionally, Altamirano sells some of his artwork to help pay for some of his patients' medical costs.
A few weeks ago, a producer for "The Doctors" heard about Altamirano's work and asked if the show could share his artwork and clinic model with its audience. The South Side doctor agreed and was highlighted on a national stage again in an episode of "The Doctors" that aired Wednesday.The show's host Dr. Travis Stork said the efforts of Altamirano are "amazing," adding his artwork is "beautiful." Co-host Dr. Nita Landry said she appreciates Altamirano's work as she said she believes everyone deserves excellent medical care regardless of cost.
"It's the sense of community that has continued to humble me," Altamirano said. "I am lucky to bear witness to this caring community helping each other, like the ornery laborer with calloused hands who felt so compelled to pay for the next person in line. I know how hard it is for him to earn that money. But it's happening and it's beautiful."

Seven doctors from CaroMont Medical Group filed a complaint on Thursday to separate from the Gastonia-based system. The group is planning to join Tryon Medical Partners, a Charlotte-based independent practice.
The seven doctors see patients at South Point Family Practice in Belmont and specialize in adult medicine, pediatrics and urgent care. As part of Tryon Medical, they would continue to practice in Gaston County.
In the complaint, the doctors stated that they believe joining a smaller, independent practice will allow them to better serve patients.
“I think they were struggling with the bureaucracy and didn’t see a method within the system to improve what they felt like were the goals to improve,” said Dr. Dale Owen, head of Tryon Medical.
CaroMont contends, however, that leaving the practice would violate the doctors’ contracts, which state that the “physician shall not assist a competing system at any location within the restricted territory.”

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6 of the best VPNs to keep your Windows 10 system secure

It's important to keep secure when browsing online. While you can be aware of where you're browsing and what you're doing online, using a VPN is the best way to guarantee your cyber safety.VPN download

A good quality VPN will block any nefarious traffic coming your way while also keeping your browsing history private from your ISP and anyone else trying to snoop on your activities. It typically blocks ad trackers, as well as malware in some cases. It also means you can conduct activities such as check your online banking while connected to public WiFi without worrying that you're leaking valuable information. Buy VPN

For other users, a VPN enables them to get around their country's censorship laws, or simply allows them to browse a different country's Netflix library.

Whatever the reason you might want a VPN, there are plenty of choices out there.

If you're looking for a VPN for Windows 10, you're looking for a similar service to Mac and smartphone users. Generally, the key to a good VPN is to find one that's reliable and secure. You want a service that is as fast as possible while also remaining secure enough that you don't have to worry about your data going to nefarious sources. A so-called "no logs" policy whereby the VPN doesn't track what you do is vital, as well as a no-kill switch so your connection drops if the VPN connection fails.

For Windows 10, it's also useful to have an app that's easy to use. We've stuck to VPN services that have apps that are simple for you to get to grips with, while still offering advanced features for those that want to dip under the surface to make tweaks. All of these clients will fit well into your usual workflow.

Here's a look at the best VPN options for Windows 10, no matter your budget. But first, a tip: Hit the grey arrow on each box to expand the text and read about why we included each of these VPN services in our list.
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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Norton Secure VPN will help secure your connection

If you purchase something through MashStash, Mashable will earn an affiliate commission.There was a time when VPNs were only used by cybersecurity pros and businesses. Those days are long gone. Today everyone should be using a VPN when connecting to the internet. unblock websites
Here are some real-life scenarios when having Norton Secure VPN or a full security suite like Norton 360 Deluxe is incredibly helpful.

You use public WiFi — a lot

A VPN service prevents outsiders from snooping on your internet activity by disguising your IP address and scrambling data sent over WiFi. So if you’re hanging out in coffee shops or racking up airline miles, when you’re using public WiFi networks, a VPN service, such as Norton Secure VPN, helps protect your private info — including passwords, bank details, and credit card numbers.

Norton Secure VPN provides bank-grade encryption, which scrambles data to make it unreadable over a WiFi network. This allows you to use public networks when you’re on the move, but with the peace of mind that you’re still protected.

You would like some privacy, please

Feel like you’re being watched? Norton Secure VPN lets you browse the web anonymously to protect your online privacy. A VPN creates a private network from a public internet connection and masks your internet protocol (IP) address. In effect, you might be home, but a VPN creates a data tunnel that could be thousands of miles away.

When you browse the web without a VPN, your internet service provider knows your entire browsing history. With a VPN, your search history is associated with a VPN server’s IP address rather than your own. Since a VPN uses a separate IP address, it allows you to search the web and maintain your privacy.

You want to block ad trackers

If you’re tired of getting bombarded with targeted ads, Norton Secure VPN will block ad tracking technology. Along with cookies, advertisers use a slew of clever ad trackers to follow you around the internet and show you ads for products or places you’ve previously shown an interest in.

With a VPN service, advertisers won’t know what content you’re looking at because it will be associated with a random IP address rather than your own. As a result, they also won’t be able to share targeted advertising. It’s sort of like giving a fake number to someone you really don’t want texting you.

You’ll be abroad during prime time

Some locales limit access to websites, streaming service, and even online news and articles from the U.S. A VPN can allow you to access websites, videos, and apps like you’re sitting on your couch back home. That means you won’t miss out on any of fall’s hottest shows — or football season.

You’re too busy for malware

In addition to the bank-grade encryption that Norton Secure VPN provides, Norton 360 Deluxe protects up to five devices from goblins such as malware, viruses, and ransomware, and it even alerts you if the included dark web monitoring feature powered by LifeLock finds your information in those scary corners of the internet. With multi-layered protection, Norton 360 Deluxe secures your devices from multiple angles — including password management and parental controls[1] — and costs $49.99 for the first year. That’s just $ $4.16 per month.
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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The best VPN services for 2019

Online security is important today than ever before. One common method for protecting yourself online is the use of a Virtual Private Network — or VPN for short. It allows you to safely send information when using public networks via a group of networked computers and faraway servers. Not all VPNs are the same, however, so we took some time to find the best VPN services.fast VPN

That being said, signing up for free VPN services — especially those dedicated to mobile apps — can be a risky business. Know that all “free” services are making money off of you somehow, whether it be from advertisements or something less innocuous.

We’ve scoured the web for reviews, testimonials, and statistics on which are the best VPN choices. Then, we tried out the services for ourselves, taking notes on ease-of-use and testing network speeds. Keeping all of these factors in mind, these are the services that stood out.

If the happy family on the homepage isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the fact that it’s one of the most reliable VPN services on the market is. Private Internet Access does everything you could want from a good VPN. It hides your IP address, protects your information, and scrambles your browsing activity using a variety of encryption methods.

We tested Private Internet Services using its Windows installer, which configures the VPN protocols and provides a simple utility in the task bar to turn the VPN connection on and off. While the interface was spartan, performance was excellent. Our test system consistently maintained over 110 Mb/s download and 19 Mb/s upload speeds with the VPN connection turned on, very close to our usual 125 Mb/s download and 20 Mb/s upload speeds.

On the downside, Netflix complained about a proxy and Amazon Prime Video wouldn’t play due to a geographical restriction. These errors occurred whether we used the automatic setting or selected a local U.S.-based server.
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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