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Casinos have been a celebrated element of the Grand Theft Auto series since San Andreas, but they have been absent from GTA Online – until now. Later this summer, the Diamond Casino & Resort will open its doors to the virtual citizens of Los Santos, offering "lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment, and state-of-the-art gaming facilities."no deposit bonus casinos

For years, an "opening soon" sign has stood outside the upcoming casino's location, but its opening hasn't come as soon as some fans have hoped. Now, that sign is gone, replaced by an ongoing construction site.

There's no set opening date for the in-game casino other than a summer release window, but it's great to see this beloved feature come online.

This follows last year's launch of the After Hours expansion, which reintroduced a night club to the city. Be sure to read our review of Grand Theft Auto V!

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Full meals used to be on the menu at La Cabana Mexican Restaurant in Melrose Park, but now the small storefront sells only steak tacos. These days, many people come not to eat, but to gamble.no deposit bonus
Customers will typically spend two to four hours at a time at one of the video poker or slot machines at the strip mall business along Mannheim Road, and will often drop around $400, said operator Juventina Mesa, adding gambling now makes up the bulk of her receipts.A new state report says Mesa’s customers are far from unusual. It shows that Illinoisans lost a whopping $4 billion in total last year on legal gambling. And the big winner? Video gambling, whose revenues have grown by more than 75 percent in just the last three years.
Even with video gambling prohibited in the city of Chicago, there are now about 11,000 individual gaming machines in the metropolitan area — the equivalent of adding more than nine full-size casinos, according to the “Wagering in Illinois” report released last month by the state’s Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability. That’s only six years after the first legal pokers machines were rolled out in Illinois.
The driving force behind overall gambling revenues hitting an all-time record high last year in Illinois, video gambling terminals have sprouted up at bars, truck stops, doughnut shops, pizzerias and in storefront chains devoted expressly to the poker and slot machines.
“Oh my God, it’s so crazy down here,” said Mark Dixon, professor of behavior analysis and therapy at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale who treats people with gambling problems. “Instead of free alcohol (as at casinos), you get free doughnuts. I lived in Nevada, but this is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. You take establishments that don’t even fit a gambling culture, and now they have little baby casinos. And the people playing are definitely ones who can’t afford to lose.”And video gambling’s contributions to state tax coffers has offset what the report called “relatively stagnant performances” by the lottery, horseracing and river gambling.
Gambling revenue from the state’s riverboat casinos, in fact, has fallen more than 15 percent since video gaming machines were introduced in 2012, the report said, even with the state’s most lucrative gambling palace — Rivers Casino in Des Plaines — having opened just in 2011.
And while a trip to the casino is, for many players, more of an event, some video gamblers said they prefer something that’s more low-key and convenient.

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Colonial Downs betting on casino-style games to bring in new crowds Colonial Downs is betting on something besides horses to bring in crowds.Next month, the track will offer casino-style gaming. Roughly 600 historical horse racing machines started arriving at the track on Monday.no deposit casinos They look and sound like slots but winnings are determined a little differently.

The experience when you’re playing is no different from a game you might have played outside the Commonwealth,” Colonial Downs Group Chief Operating Officer Aaron Gomes explained. The machines use previously run horse races to determine if you win or lose but you don’t need to know a thing about the sport to spin and win. “The outcome’s going to be based on historical horse racing,” says Colonial Downs Marketing Director Nate Mize said. “But you don’t have to bet on the horses; you can have the game do the work for you.

”The games are expected to attract a younger, more female crowd to the male-dominated sport of horse racing. “It brings a whole new demo into horse racing and offers an alternative to hopefully grow this sport,” Gomes added. HHR machines successfully supplemented the horse racing industry in places like Kentucky.Colonial Downs believes the odds are good the games will do the same thing in Virginia. Rosie’s Gaming Emporium at Colonial Downs opens at the end of April. Locations near Richmond, Roanoke and Hampton open later this year.

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The exclusive operator of the Shanghai metro’s busy line 1, expressed concern over profitability in its 2018 fiscal report released on Saturday, as aging raise lines require maintenance investment.To get more metro shanghai, you can visit shine news official website.

According to Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., in 2018, the company’s net profit plunged 40.70% year-on-year to 30.64 million yuan ($4.55 million), where the figure for the previous annual fiscal period was -0.49%. The company attributed the huge drop to the increase of "big maintenance projects," the 2018 cost of which surged over 60%.

Shanghai began to construction on line 1 in 1990. Last year, on average, the route served almost one million individual trips per day.

This is not a unique phenomenon in China. An industry expert told Caixin that many metro projects established years ago around the world are in losses too, and rely heavily on government subsidies. As China’s government tightens its public-finance budget, metro companies should expect growing fiscal pressure, the expert said.

Among mainland China’s tier-one cities — Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen — only Shenzhen is showing better fiscal performance, said the expert. It is also the city with the youngest metro system among the four.

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The British government and MPs are to be the focus of a digital advertising campaign in which Hong Kong pro-democracy activists will plead for the UK to take action to protect rights in the former colony.To get more chinese online news, you can visit shine news official website.

A group of activists have paid for adverts that appeared on Wednesday in British media outlets calling on the UK government to impose sanctions on those responsible for what is described as the suppression of human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong.

They also call on Britain to include provisions on human rights, civil liberties and democratisation in any post-Brexit agreements with Hong Kong and China.

The adverts accompany a digital campaign featuring images of Margaret Thatcher in Beijing for the signing of the 1984 Sino-British joint declaration that guaranteed freedom of speech, freedom of the press and other rights in Hong Kong.

“In 1984, Britain pledged to protect Hong Kong’s freedom. Britain must keep its promises,” say the adverts, which have been taken out by a grouping that is remaining anonymous in the face of fears of retribution by the Chinese government. The campaign has been by funded by donations, with £300,000 raised in less than 24 hours.
Members of the public are being urged to sign a petition. The campaign, launched by what is described as “a group of concerned Hongkongers around the world”, accuses China of consistently breaching the terms of the 1984 agreement. The latest breach, it says, came in the form of the extradition bill that has caused Hong Kong’s largest political crisis in decades.

Protests that have principally targeted the bill, which would allow suspects to be extradited from Hong Kong to mainland China, have taken on new demands, including an investigation into police use of rubber bullets, teargas and physical violence against protesters.

Protesters this week pledged to stand up to thugs who attacked demonstrators at the weekend as public anger grows towards the government and police.

Demonstrators have filed for a permit to hold a rally on Saturday in Yuen Long, the district on the outskirts of Hong Kong where dozens of masked men chased and beat commuters and protesters with wooden poles and metal rods, leaving at least 45 people in hospital. Police arrived after the assailants left.

A Foreign Office minister told the House of Commons on Monday that Britain remained fully committed to upholding Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, rights and freedoms under the “one country, two systems” principle.

Andrew Murrison said Britain would be keeping a “close eye” on the police investigation in Hong Kong into the attack in Yuen Long.Dr Victor Gao, a former high-ranking Chinese diplomat, told the BBC on Tuesday that allegations that China had a hand in the attacks were groundless, describing allegations as “fake news”.

“At this particular moment let’s give due process more time. However, when rioting on such a large scale happened in Hong Kong no one should indulge in the fantasy that the people on the other side of the equation will wait until they are engulfed in instability,” he said.

“Villagers in Yuen Long … want to make sure that no rioters come to their village and I think let’s wait for the investigation.”

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