FIFA 20 Release Date News: Will EA Sports add this new feature to their next football sim?

cheap fifa 20 coins will inevitably release later this year and fans have started to get excited for what is to come from EA Sports massive football sim.

The longstanding EA franchise sells millions of units every year, despite only having small teaks on the successful template.But in the past couple of years EA has started to add new leagues to the game pretty much yearly.

And avid FIFA fans are hoping FIFA 20 will see yet another league be added.After a successful push from fans for the Chinese Super League to be added to FIFA 19, supporters have come together once more.

The league most sought after by fans turned out to be the Finnish League, Veikkausliiga.A poll by more than 2.5 million gamers run by FIFPlay is currently being conducted to see who the fans want to see represented.

The Malaysian and Indonesian leagues are not currently represented in FIFA 19, while the Finnish does at least have one club in the game – HJK Helsinki.The last two editions of EA’s football sim game have seen two new leagues be added.

Before the Chinese Super League was included in the FIFA 19 lineup, Germany’s 3 Liga was added to FIFA 18.So it would not be too far-fetched to think EA might look to fans to decide whether or not to add a new league.And if they are deciding on which league to pick, where better to look than to a poll which more than 2.5 million fans have voted on?if want know more cheap madden 19 coins visit homepage

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NBA 2K20 Release Date & Features: 10 Things to Know

buy mt 2k20 Games hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but here’s what you need to know right now about NBA 2K20 based on traditions, rumors, confirmed information, and what we expect from the annual release.

NBA 2K19 is still the flagship game, but that will change later this year when 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics announce a new entry in the long-running series.We don’t know a ton about NBA 2K20 just yet, but a few things have been confirmed well ahead of the game’s highly anticipated arrival.

Visual Dynamics made an assortment of tweaks to the game last year and you can expect the developer to build on that foundation.

We expect an official NBA 2K20 announcement in the near future with pre-orders for all platforms starting soon after.

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at what you can expect from NBA 2K20’s features, release date, editions, Prelude, and more.EA recently announced Madden 20 and you can expect the NBA 2K20 announcement to come by the end of June with pre-orders starting right after the reveal.

NBA 2K18 was confirmed in early May while NBA 2K19 was confirmed on June 5th. Last year’s announcement was light on details so don’t expect 2K Games and Visual Concepts to show much in the early going.

You can count on an NBA 2K20 release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. Look for the consoles to share pre-order bonuses and release dates.Click Here

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While the basketball season is beginning to reach its end, fans can start to look forward to the future of the virtual version of the sport.

The 2K franchise has eclipsed EA's own NBA Live series to become one of the best selling games in the world. In fact, in February of this year, publisher Take-Two Interactive announced that the franchise was closing in on 90 million copies sold.

Indeed, last year's entry was an excellent title and sold around 1.23 million units in the first week alone.

While we don't know the exact title of the game, we'd imagine it'll stick with previous naming conventions and be known as NBA 2K20 or NBA 2K2020, the latter of which certainly seems a bit of a mouthful. We shouldn't have long to wait, as the games are usually announced in early June.
For the time being though, read on for everything you need to know about nba 2k20 coins so far, including the potential NBA 2K20 Release Date, NBA 2K20 Demo and NBA 20K20 New Features.

With a franchise that has been running since the Dreamcast console, the NBA 2K franchise's release date has chopped and changed a fair bit since its inception.Since NBA 2K16 though it has launched in early September, so expect it to be at the end of summer.NBA 2K19 landed on 7th September 2018, so it's likely that this will be close to where 2K20 ends up.

Unlike many sports titles, NBA 2K19 actually launched ahead of the new season. With the 2K Franchise's excellent roster updates though there are never any stats that aren't updated, down to the finest

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We got our first official bit of news about 'NBA 2K20' on Monday, and it came uniquely. Elite NBA 2K modder Rytis Gineika aka R4zor announced via Twitter that he'd been hired to work with 2K (Visual Concepts) for nba 2k20 mt.

Subsequently, he was welcomed by Director of Brand Marketing Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K, NBA 2KTV host Chris Manning and other members of the 2K community.

Well, it's simple. R4zor has been one of the best 2K modders in the community. The work that he's done creating faces and bodies for players who weren't in the game, as well as touching up some of the older renders has been exemplary. Take a look at some of the mods he's done.
NBA 2K20 is widely expected to launch in early September - in fact, we put together a guide for what to expect which you can find here.

Publisher 2K is likely to have a big year this year. Between NBA and WWE entries, the publisher's Borderlands franchise is returning with Borderlands 3.Read More

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First up, watch the trailer below! Here’s a bit more info from the video description:“Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in fifa 20 ultimate team coins, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world.”

So this FIFA 20 Volta Mode is basically a new mode, sort of like the old FIFA Street games, bolted onto the existing FIFA 20 game.

Excellent! You can learn more by following the link above where we’re rounding up everything we need to know about this VOLTA Mode.

The only snag we’ve spotted so far appears to be that the new mode will not be available on Nintendo Switch. The game has been confirmed as coming to Nintendo Switch, but only in the form of a legacy version of the game.Less than two hours to go before we finally see FIFA 20. But who do you want to see gracing that box art?

Something tells us that Christiano Ronaldo won’t be the cover star after his stint was cut short in 2018 due to a few legal issues.Last night EA shadow dropped a small teaser ahead of the full reveal coming later today at EA Play.

EA Sports new video confirms that the FIFA 20 release date is set for 27 September.The small trailer, which you can see below confirms that the game is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

However, there’s no news yet on whether the game will come to Nintendo Switch Or Google Stadia. The former will be the most contentious decision, given how frequently EA have seemingly overlooked the platform for FUT events. Maybe a long hard rethink is needed. Maybe we’ll find out more later today.

Whatever happens, check back later today for the full reveal and more details. EA Play isn’t kicking off until 5pm, but according to the tweet a full reveal for FIFA 20 is coming at 3pm.Want to buy FIFA Coins from

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They come in a wide range of sizes from tiny to large vapes which look like an extra large magic marker. Most vape pens have an integrated battery in the main body or mod with a tank containing a heating coil. Stealthier than vape kits and mods, a good Ecig Wholesale pen is a great all-around vaping device.

Before we give you our list of the best vape pens we need to cover off some of the common questions we get asked.

How much is a vape pen?

As you might expect with such a wide range of sizes prices of vape pen range from $15 to $50.

Cheaper vape pens have refillable cartridges that need replacing after prolonged usage.

Bigger and more expensive = more vape juice capacity and longer between charging.

Save time by using closed pod cartridges, but spend more and get less flavor options.

Save money on your vaping purchases - buy online.

Online vape shops don’t have overheads of a store so can provide you with more options and better prices.

How do you use a vape pen?

Draw on the device like a cigarette or press the firing key.

So easy to use - you don't need to set the wattage on a vape pen.

Are vape pens bad for you?

If you’re a smoker, using a vape pen instead of cigarettes will offer significant harm reduction.

Reduce the nicotine level in your vape juice over time. Once your addiction to nicotine has gone you can stop vaping much easier.

Stop smoking, start vaping.

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A little over a year ago, the freemax vape Starre Pure Sub-Ohm Tank crossed our desks and blew our minds, (review here) with its unbelievable combination of flavor, airflow and cloud production. At the time, we made some bold claims – claims that are backed up by the sheer number of us still using the Starre Pure, even with countless other tanks waiting to be used.

Well, FreeMax has just unleashed the stainless steel Starre Pure Beast to the world. Naming conventions aside (I suppose “Beast” is just a desirable vaping term), FreeMax’s latest is an interesting, somewhat confusing new entry to a crowded market.

Most interesting is how the FreeMax Starre Pure Beast is noticeably smaller and narrower than the original Pure, with a conservative 22mm width. Perhaps this is to help the tank deliver on FreeMax’s promises of no dry hits, and what it calls, “full-frontal flavor.”

Also interesting is the Starre Pure Beast’s relatively limited (but TPD-compliant) 2mL e-liquid capacity. Given the massive cloud performance of previous entries, it seems feasible that this tank will spend a considerable amount of time being refilled through its threaded top-fill cap.

In fact, with the company’s claims of outstanding flavor and vapor at high wattages, it’s hard to get too excited about a pair of Kanthal coils – 0.25 and 0.5 ohm-rated, respectively – that max out at 60 watts. And it’s hard to imagine how this comparatively small, more restrained specs will somehow lead to an improvement over the 25mm Pure from a year ago.

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No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced expert, sub ohm tanks are a sure staple in any Vape Starter Kit collection. Because of their easy-to-use nature, sub ohm tanks are usually the first go-to vape tank for most beginner vapers, but more advanced vapers love them too for their great flavor and cloud production.

But with so many different and varying sub ohm tanks out there it can be hard to know if you’re getting a great vape tank or just throwing your money and ejuice down the drain. So to save you the time and money, we’ve created a list of the best sub ohm tanks of 2019. We’ve chosen these sub ohm tanks based on their flavor, cloud production, airflow, and tank capacity.
HorizonTech are known for producing some innovative tanks and coils, and the Falcon King is the latest addition to their impressive lineup. Just by taking one look at the color choices for the Falcon King you’ll be impressed by the unique hues and matching resin drip tips.

The thing that sets the Falcon King apart from its competitors are its five available mesh coils produced with unique wicking materials:

M1+ coil — 0.16ohm, 75W (bamboo fiber)
M-Dual coil — 0.38ohm, 80W (bamboo fiber)
M1 coil — 0.15ohm, 70-80W (wood pulp+cotton)
M2 coil — 0.16ohm, 70-80W (wood pulp+cotton)
M-Triple coil — 0.15ohm, 80-85W (wood pulp+cotton)
These coils are all amazing but the best one will vary according to your vaping style and preference. To get you started, the Falcon King includes an M1+ and M-Dual coil.

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The vaporesso vape

Polar Kit is an exceptionally advanced starter kit that's powerful yet portable. Visually, this kit is a masterpiece. A slim chassis features a large OLED display screen that utilizes innovative technology to provide you with various vaping statistics in a remarkably organized way. Capable of reaching 220 watts, the device is powered by two 18650 batteries (sold separately). This kit comes with the Cascade Baby SE Tank. This tank boasts a juice capacity of 6mL. You'll be able to explore a wide range of airflow options. The tank utilizes the widely popular GT Coil System. Best of all, the Polar boasts an Omni Board 4.0 chipset that allows you to navigate several different output modes.

What's Included:

1 X Vaporesso Polar 220W TC Vape Box Mod
1 x Vaporesso Cascade SE Sub Ohm Vape Tank
1 x Vaporesso GT8 0.15ohm Coil
1 x Vaporesso GT Mesh 0.18 Coil
1 x Replacement Glass Section
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Instruction Manual
1 x Warranty Card

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Reviewing the vaporesso vape

SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank Kit – No doubt this year has been a spectacular year for Sub-Ohm Vapers. Just in the past few months alone we’ve reviewed some of the best sub-ohms to ever hit the marketplace. It’s true that the Mesh Coil Phenomenon has redefined what it means for optimal flavor and vapor at lower wattages than ever before, but in order to stand out from the crowd, well, it gets harder and harder.

First introduced with the Vaporesso LUXE Starter Kit, (reviewed here) the SKRR Sub-Ohm is now available in a deluxe tank kit. Complete with 3 excellent coil heads, a spare glass section, spare parts, and a well-written manual and warranty, the SKRR may just wind up as 2018’s Best Sub-Ohm Tank.

I didn’t review the Vaporesso LUXE Starter Kit, that was another Spinfuel VAPE Staffer, but I did get my own LUXE Kit and was thoroughly delighted with both the vape mod and its Sub-Ohm tank. So much so that when I learned a couple weeks later that a full kit for the SKRR was available, I had to buy a few for myself. After using 3 SKRR Tanks for 10 days I decided a full review was called for.
The Vaporesso SKRR is a sub-ohm tank made for equal greatness in flavor fidelity and cloud production. It walks the fine edge between the all-day-every-day sub-ohm and the overwhelming power of the original Vaporesso Cascade (reviewed here) and the SMOK Cloud Best King (reviewed here).

Using a low-nicotine (1.5mg to 3mg) the SKRR is definitely an all-day-every-day beauty. Attempting a higher nicotine strength, above 6mg for instance, and the sheer throat hit would be more than many Vapers could stand. The reason is the Vaporesso QF Coil System.

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Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit vs Drag Mini Platinum Kit

voopoo vape & Vape Battery Mods are powered by GENE. Chipset and become much powerful. GENE. Chip is one of the best chipset in vaping and the instant fire speed make VOOPOO Drag as the best vape device.Now here comes the new VOOPOO Drag 2 Platinum Kit and Drag Mini Platinum Kit! They are equipped with Platinum shell. Both simple and elegant, DRAG Platinum fulfills vapers desire to vape and enjoy.

Airflow is an important element in vaping, particularly if you are trying to increase your vapor production. Firstly, if you increase the power of your vape through higher wattages or lower resistance coils, the vapor's temperature increases and may become too hot to vape comfortably. Increasing the airflow allows for more fresh air to come in and cools the temperature of the vapor, making it more comfortable to inhale. This also happens to increase the size of the cloud created. By increasing the flow of air on your atomizer, more air will be able to travel over your coils. When the air going over your coil increases, your device is able to produce vapor at a quicker pace. When the vapor production increases, the vapor is pushed out of the device quicker and therefore increases the rate at which the "old" vapor can be replaced with "new vapor". Voila! And the cycle continues.

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Recently voopoo vape keeps releasing new products one by one which absolutely good news for those voopoo fans and vapers. Given that great success Voopoo Drag series has made, so we can see more and more new devices from Voopoo which all with Drag trademark on. Personally I think Voopoo is trying to expand their influence in vape market with their representative Drag series and all the feedback from the social medium or vape stores proves that Voopoo has made it. Well let's get into our today's topic - the review of Voopoo Drag Baby Kit.
Mod Size: 58.5 * 35 * 21.5mm (±0.5mm)
Mod Material: Aluminum Alloy & Stainless Steel
Battery: 1500mAh (Built-in)
Power Range: 5-25W
Resistance Range: 0.5-3.0ohm
Charge Voltage: 5V/1A
Tank Size: 18.5 * 43mm
E-juice Capacity: 1.8ml
Coil Type: PnP-M2 0.6ohm Coil, PnP-C1 1.2ohm Coil
The whole battery mod is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel material which comes with superior lightweight feature. But when you hold it in hand, the sense of metal is not that strong while the feedback gives you a feeling of plastic. I have to say lightweight is a brilliant feature of a pod system kit while sometimes it will make us misunderstand the truth. On the other hand, the whole appearance design still inherits from the Voopoo drag mod which comes with resin decoration and big drag logo on. And the drag logo now becomes a most influential logo in vape market which you can not only see it on voopoo box mods, but also on the voopoo drag baby kit and another pod kit - voopoo drag nano kit. And the whole mod body comes with really concise design. Fire button, indicator and USB charging port. Well you can just use this button to power on/off this device and there's no voltage adjustment function available to use. But Voopoo offers us something awesome - cold boot mode which intelligently adjusted by the GENE.Trio chip inside to balance the output power. Because there's no voltage or wattage adjustment functions available so we can't setup the matchable and suitable wattage we want to use on the specific coil we installed. Well with this cold boot mode we can achieve that. The GENE.Trio chip intelligently balances output depends on the coil while with the cold boot mode you can enjoy the same vaping experience whichever coil you installed.

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Most pod batteries are around 380mAh, meaning they'll last for around 200 puffs. That number depends on how hard you pull or inhale on the device. Longer inhales will reduce the battery level quicker. There are some pod devices with battery sizes up to 800mAh (check out the Bo Plus Pod System). Those apparently will last much longer on a full charge. In all, you'll be okay with a 380mAh as long as you recharge nightly.Electronic Cigarettes

Replacement pods vary in price anywhere from $15-20 for a pack of three pods prefilled with e-liquid. Empty pods are much cheaper, usually under $10. Most pods are around 1.5ml in capacity. That size should last you an entire day, even if you use the pod system frequently. Note that some systems (JUUL, Juno) do not have pods that you can fill with your pod e-liquid.

Most prefilled pods come in a variety of flavors including tobacco, fruit, and dessert. The flavors from most of the prefilled systems are very good. JUUL's Mango is the most popular prefilled pod flavor. The pod juices are made with nicotine salts (regular e-juice won't work well in these devices). The nic salts levels usually go at higher concentrations between 30mg and 50mg. Left Coast has 12mg and 24mg nic salts versions.

Make sure you get a pod system with refillable pods if you want more flexibility and variety. If you're looking for a simple, convenient solution, the prefilled pods are perfect. But, if you often grow tired of the same flavors, the limited selection of prefilled pods won't work for you. Consider something like the SMOK Infinix, which is an excellent choice for refillable pod systems.

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