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In "Footprint", a series of stories recalling important examples of China interacting with the rest of the world, we follow the path the country has taken in the past seven decades.To get more ping pong diplomacy, you can visit shine news official website.

On April 7, 1971, the last day of competition at the 31st World Table Tennis Championships in the Japanese city of Nagoya, Connie Sweeris, the reigning United States champion, was called to a team meeting.

"We were told that we had been invited to visit China," she said. "But no American had been allowed into China for 22 years."Three days later, Sweeris was looking from a train window at an extended patchwork of rice paddies, dotted by men carrying buckets of water hanging from poles across their shoulders.

The train was taking Sweeris and her teammates - a party of 15, including nine players - from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, where they would start a weeklong visit to China.

What the young athlete did not fully realize at the time was that history was unfolding, and she was part of it. Then-US president Richard Nixon would visit China in February 1972, followed two months later by a reciprocal tour of the US by a Chinese table tennis team.

This period in history, known as ping-pong diplomacy, is even referenced in the 1994 hit Hollywood movie Forrest Gump, in which the lead character develops an aptitude for the sport and joins the US Army team before eventually competing against Chinese athletes on a goodwill tour.

The catalyst for the historic events of 1972 was a dramatic meeting between flamboyant US player Glenn Cowan and Chinese competitor and three-time world champion Zhuang Zedong.

In Nagoya one afternoon, Cowan was practicing with a Chinese player when he realized he was too late to catch his team's bus. Instead, he took the Chinese team's bus. Zhuang rose from his seat at the back to greet Cowan and presented him with a silk-screen portrait of the Huangshan mountain range in Anhui province.

Later, when Cowan and Zhuang got off the bus, they found themselves in the media spotlight. Asked by a journalist whether he wanted to go to China, Cowan replied, "Of course!"In a television interview in 2002, Zhuang recalled how he hesitated before approaching Cowan on the bus, and how he fumbled in his bag to find the gift. Cowan did his own share of fumbling, but was only able to come up with a comb.

Sweeris, now 72, said: "I was on the US team when this happened. Glenn told us he was so excited to have met Zhuang, the world's greatest table tennis player, but felt bad about not having a decent gift. He went out the very next day and bought his new friend a T-shirt bearing the words 'Let There Be Peace'."

Sweeris, like most people, was unaware of the deliberations taking place at national level for the trip, but recalls vividly the hectic preparations.

"We had to get permission from the US government. Our passports, which bore the words 'You cannot enter Communist mainland China', were taken to the US embassy to have the sentence struck out with a black marker pen," she said.

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In the Hubei Provincial Museum, located in Hubei Province in eastern central China, a perfectly preserved bronze sword from the Fifth century BC is displayed among the permanent collections.To get more sword of goujian, you can visit shine news official website.

The sword was discovered in 1965 during an archaeological excavation at the Zhang River Reservoir in Jingzhou. Nearly fifty tombs were found, yielding over 2,000 artifacts, among them the Sword of Goujian.

The weapon is 22 inches long with a repeating dark-colored pattern of rhombi engraved into the blade and is inlaid with turquoise.Embellished over the pattern are Chinese characters that, according to My Modern Met, translate to “King of Yue” and “made this sword for [his] personal use.” Most historians believe the sword belonged to Goujian, the King of the Chu State during the Zhou dynasty.

The sheath is made of lacquered wood and was found to be virtually airtight, which was probably a major factor in keeping the blade untarnished in the 2,000 years it lay in the damp environment of the king’s tomb.The grip is bound with silk, and the pommel is designed with eleven circles. The blade is made mostly of copper and tin and is as razor sharp as it was when the king held it in his hands.

The Epoch Times tells the story of Goujian, the owner of the sword. During the early reign of Goujian in the fifth century BC, the State of Yue was in a precarious position. A neighboring state, Wu, had conquered the Chu Kingdom and focused its sights on Yue. Goujian had just inherited the throne, and the State was in disarray.Helü, the King of Chu and Wu, wasted no time in attacking Goujian’s army which was led by Goujian himself. Although he was outnumbered and outgunned, Goujian succeeded in cornering Helü, and a duel was set. Goujian’s youth gave him an advantage and Helü was killed as his troops retreated.

Helü’s son, Fuchai, then became King of Wu, and he could never forgive Goujian for the death of his father. After rebuilding his army, he attacked the Yue State. Unable to work his way out of this fight, Goujian surrendered.He, his wife, and his right-hand man, Fan Li, were enslaved by Fuchai, and one of Fuchai’s advisors, Wen Zhong, took over the ruling position of Yue. During the three years of Goujian’s captivity, Fuchai’s attitude of self-importance grew exponentially.

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This report is confined to covering IAQ issues at residential homes, commercial buildings and light industrial properties, schools and hospitals in China. It does not discuss IAQ issues relevant to heavy industry and manufacturing environments, nor does it cover IAQ issues, practices, equipment and regulations concerning confined spaces or aircraft.To get more chinese market, you can visit shine news official website.

It does, however, discuss the equipment and services that are most relevant to private homes, office buildings, retail establishments, schools and healthcare facilities in great detail. The equipment covered includes air cleaners, HVAC equipment, HVAC replacement filters and IAQ instrumentation. Environmental services, such as consulting and remediation and recovery, are also specifically noted.

The report first covers trends and information related to the overall Chinese IAQ market. It then discusses the equipment subcategory of the industry and breaks it down into sections regarding each type of equipment. It then covers the consulting and testing industry subcategory and the environmental services industry subcategory. Technologies, trends, market value and growth are discussed for each subcategory.

From there, the report covers the end-use markets, including residential dwellings, commercial buildings, schools and hospitals. Each setting is discussed in detail, including specific contaminants, problems and solutions, as well as the types of equipment and services appropriate to each location. The next section discusses the Chinese IAQ market by both region and city. The final chapter highlights several important market strategies.

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Too Many VPNs Put Our Privacy And Security At Risk

Virtual private networks: they help you sidestep geographical media restrictions, and they keep your web browsing private, right? Well, not always, because even if the best VPNs add a welcome layer of security to our web setups, cybersecurity experts are warning that there are just as many VPN applications that expose their trusting users to surveillance and cyberattacks.unblock websites

According to a broad range of specialists, many free and mobile VPNs on the market use unsafe protocols and log user activity, while even good virtual private networks can't always guarantee to protect their users from the prying eyes of a jealous government or its intelligence agencies. That's why it's vitally important that we not only choose the most reliable and robust VPNs available, but that we also learn how to configure and run them to their full potential. Otherwise, we may find ourselves in a similar situation to users of Fortigate and Pulse Secure, two VPNs which were targeted by cyberattackers last month.

Normally, VPNs are very useful and dependable tools, with 30% of all internet users employing a VPN at least once a month. "Generally speaking, a modern online VPN is a service that is designed to encrypt your entire computer's traffic and at the same time hide your identity by routing your (now encrypted) traffic through one or more anonymous routers," explains Yaniv Balmas, the head of cyber research at Check Point. "Assuming that the VPN provider uses up-to-date encryption methods and frequently changes its routing points, this service should provide a secure and robust service."
However, Balmas adds that "the devil lies in the details," with poorly implemented virtual private networks causing "more harm than good for its users." In fact, the scale of the problem is actually more extensive than most people realise, because in many cases VPNs–and particularly free and/or mobile VPNs–not only don't work as advertised, but also leave users open to viruses and privacy violations.

"We tested the top 150 free VPN Android apps and found that many had serious security flaws and performance issues," warns Callum Tennent, a VPN expert and the site editor . Referring to a study his website conducted in February, Tennent alarmingly reveals that 18% of the tested VPNs contained potential malware or viruses, 85% featured excessive permissions or functions that could put a user's privacy at risk, and 25% exposed a user's traffic to DNS leaks and other leaks.
And it's not just free Android VPN apps that have a problem, because a companion study examining the top 20 VPN apps for iPhones and Android devices also turned up very similar results. Most disturbingly, Tennent points outs that "59% [of the tested VPNs] had links to China, despite its strict ban on VPNs and its notorious internet surveillance regime. Many of these explicitly shared data with Chinese third parties."

Some of the most well-known VPNs covered in the two studies include apps that have been downloaded anything from a million to 50 million times, such as Hotspot Shield Free, SuperVPN, Hi VPN, Turbo VPN, Snap VPN, X-VPN, and VPN Proxy Master. For instance, despite having witnessed five million downloads as of February, a VPN called Ultrasurf tested positive for potential malware, as well as for risky functions, such as taking the last known location of the host device (although Ultrasurf's developers denied the validity of these detections).

In other words, a large number of free or cheap VPNs may be doing the exact opposite of what we expect from them, collecting and exposing our data rather than hiding it.

In some cases, a VPN isn't simply inadequate, but rather actively malicious. As Avast's Jonathan Lemmonier notes, "Fake VPN services, especially the free ones, can also be set up as honeypots to collect all of a user’s data, to deliver malware, and to spy on people (see Facebook’s Onavo VPN service). Remember: a VPN, in many cases, is just an ISP that you choose. They now have access to all of your online data."

Of course, it would be bad enough if only free and untested VPNs had severe privacy issues. But the thing is, even when we're using a highly reputable and well-developed VPN, we're still not entirely safe from intrusions into our virtual privacy. And this will be of particular concern to journalists, dissidents, radicals, whistleblowers or anyone else who doesn't want a national government keeping tabs on them.

"Your ISP can see you connecting to an IP address owned by a VPN service and the fact that your software is connecting to ports associated with VPN activity," says Jake Moore, a cybersecurity specialist for ESET. "Therefore, the government will be allowed access to this data via a warrant if necessary, but not be able to decipher any that is encrypted."
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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Netflix responds to the VPN ban backlash

Netflix's announcement in January that it would be increasing its efforts to block users from circumventing region blockades turned out not to be an empty threat, with hosts of popular VPN services being rendered useless for this purpose overnight.VPN service

There was uproar from customers, some of which simply use VPNs to protect their privacy, with a petition calling for the ban to be lifted attracting over 40,000 signatures.

But it seems Netflix, which generally cherishes its user experience, doesn’t seem fussed by this uprising.

“It’s a very small but quite vocal minority,” CEO Reed Hastings said during this week’s earnings call. “So it’s really inconsequential to us, as you could see in the Q1 results.”Discussing the streaming service’s crackdown, a VPN operator told TorrentFreak: “They are now coming from a few hundred different possible subdomains.

“This makes it much more expensive for us to circumvent because we would basically need to forward all Netflix traffic through our servers instead of just the packets that do the geolocation.”

While Netflix isn’t willing to turn a blind eye to/is under pressure not to allow VPN use, it does understand the urgent need for borderless content.After Netflix announced on Twitter recently that it was now “everywhere”, a follower replied: “and same content everywhere…?”

“Still prisoners of territorial licensing,” Netflix responded, “moving quickly to have global availability of all content on Netflix.”Hastings previously expressed the same sentiment, saying: “The basic solution is for Netflix to get global and have its content be the same all around the world so there’s no incentive to [use a VPN].

"The VPN thing is a small little asterisk compared to piracy. [It] is really the problem around the world."The key thing about piracy is that some fraction of it is because [users] couldn’t get the content. That part we can fix."Some part of piracy however is because they just don’t want to pay. That’s a harder part. As an industry, we need to fix global content.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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Best VPNs: our top 6 recommendations

A VPN service (Virtual Private Network) has become an essential tool to keep your online activity and information safe and private. Be it to stay secure when using a public Wi-Fi network, to unblock social media and streaming sites, or to block online tracking, there are numerous reasons why you should use a VPN. There are hundreds of VPN services available, and it isn’t always easy to pick the right one.Buy VPN

If price is of particular concern, VPNs don’t come much cheaper than Ivacy. It’s getting even cheaper over the Black Friday shopping season! BF might not officially kick off until the 29th, but this deal is live now — offering up to 90% off on service. For an upfront cost of $60 you get five years of service. That comes to just $.99 a month!

The Ivacy app comes with different modes for you to choose from, depending on what you are looking to do. You get all the key features you’d expect, as well as a few extras like split tunneling. Ivacy’s server count isn’t as robust as the others on the list, but it has a good list of locations around the world, including India. The speeds are good enough to allow for media streaming and torrenting without any issues. Their recent partnerships even allow Netflix unblocking in seven regions encompassing the US, UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, Germany, and France.

ExpressVPN is considered one of the best VPN services around with good reason. It offers everything you would expect from a great VPN, like a zero logging policy, impressive connection speeds, a large number of servers across the world, and necessary security features like the Network Lock, DNS leak protection, and more. The apps are easy to use but don’t compromise on settings and features.

ExpressVPN also doesn’t skimp on what the VPN is capable of. Everything from P2P file sharing to media streaming, including Netflix, is possible using ExpressVPN. Easy to install apps are available for all major platforms, and helpful guides can be found to set up ExpressVPN on routers, gaming consoles, media streaming devices, and more.

ExpressVPN can be more expensive than other providers, but it is certainly one of the best VPN services around and worth the cost.
NordVPN is all about providing the best security features possible. Your online activity stays completely private with its zero logging policy, IP and DNS leak protection, and the best encryption protocols. Beyond that, you can take advantage of specialty servers for P2P and Anti-DDoS. For even more security, you have the option to enable Double VPN that runs everything through two servers.VPN download

While a network kill switch is standard, the service also comes with an App Kill Switch which lets you set certain apps to automatically close if the VPN connection drops. The apps also recognize if you are in a restricted location and load obfuscated servers. Finally, you can request a dedicated IP service, which will set you back an additional $70 a year.

Despite the heavy security features, NordVPN manages to offer excellent speeds and low latency. NordVPN features specialty servers for torrenting and Netflix works via select servers as well. NordVPN is also one of the few premium VPN services to offer a free 7-day trial along with a 30-day money back guarantee. NordVPN is also quite affordable considering all that it has to offer.
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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How can Using a VPN Service Backfire on You?

It's also worth pointing out that if a VPN server was ever compromised, any and all communication between you and the VPN server can be sniffed and potentially decoded. So if you ask the question "is using a VPN [server] secure"? I would say, "only if the server itself is secure," which is likely impossible to prove. Servers are managed by human beings, and human beings are prone to error, so it stands that there is a possibility that the server may not be secure. Also, servers, just like PCs are prone to exploits, and if not patched in a reasonable period of time, can be compromised.unblock websites

Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), if you try and connect to your bank using a VPN server located in China, I am guessing that your bank is going to throw up some major red flags (no pun intended), and possibly prevent you from logging in. The way the banks sees it, someone (a computer, or server) from China is trying to access your local bank account. Is that a good thing? Probably not.
Now, if you repeatedly use random VPN servers to anonymize your traffic (which happens to be another feature offered by VPN services), AND you try and connect to your bank on a regular basis, then I'm guessing the bank is going to throw up some more red flags. The way the bank sees it: a computer, or server located somewhere in the world keeps trying to access your bank account - and it keeps happening from different places around the world. Is that a good thing? Definitely not - at least, not the way the bank sees it, because cybercriminals often use VPNs to anonymize their web traffic as well. It would be a safer bet if you just stick to using your local IP address when accessing your local bank.

As for saferweb's statements regarding VPNs, let's take a look at those now that we have a little bit more knowledge about how VPNs work:

They say: Safer Web gives you an extra layer of security against Internet hackers. I say: using our examples above, that is only true if the entire connection is secure and the VPN server is also secure. Also, a hacker can 'hack you from the inside' if your system in infected with malware, so a VPN will not prevent you from being "hacked".

They say: By hiding your IP, we keep your online activity anonymous and private. I say: yes and no. If you are worried about being spied upon locally by governments, or are otherwise paranoid, then using a VPN is probably a good idea. That said, you should also ensure that your antivirus, antimalware, operating system, and web browser are all up to date and infection free in addition to using a VPN, otherwise you can still be spied on because your information will still propagate outward somewhere onto the Internet whether you use a VPN or not.

They say: Using a VPN keeps your browsing activity private and secure. I say: yes and no. This is really only true if the connection is 100% secure. Even so, if someone was to compromise a website you were previously connected to, they could still access information about you. A VPN won't protect against that type of an attack.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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China cracks down on VPN vendors

Five websites, including shopping giant Alibaba, have been asked to remove vendors that sell VPNs.fast VPN
It is the latest in a series of measures from the Chinese government to maintain strict control over content.
Apple has previously been asked to remove VPN apps.
What is a VPN?
A virtual private network (VPN) uses servers abroad to provide a secure link to the internet. It allows users in China to access parts of the outside world like Facebook, Gmail or YouTube, all of which are blocked in the country.
China's cyber-regulator the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has ordered the websites to carry out immediate "self-examination and correction".
"The CAC has ordered these five sites to immediately carry out a comprehensive clean-up of harmful information, close corresponding illegal account.. and submit a rectification report by a deadline," the regulator said in a statement.
Authorities in China have already taken down popular celebrity gossip social media accounts and extended restrictions on what news can be produced and distributed by online platforms.
As well as clamping down on dozens of local VPNs, the authorities have ordered Apple and other app stores to remove foreign VPN apps that allow users to access websites censored by the Chinese government.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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Which is the Best VPN for Netflix?

There are a few best VPN services for Netflix that can help you watch all the media content without worrying about the common restrictions. The best providers available are those that assure you of enough security as you access Netflix. Plus, the provider must put in place protocols that avoid being detected by Netflix though these will not always work all the time.VPN service

Once in a while, the VPN you are using might fail to offer total protection when accessing Netflix. Here, you might get caught by Netflix. The streaming company will detect that you are using a VPN, and there you will receive a proxy error. The best way to be safe and prevent being detected by Netflix is to switch the servers occasionally whenever you are accessing Netflix from a restricted area.

For that, a good VPN provider must have more than one server to let you access Netflix. You simply have to access the VPN’s main menu and select the server of your choice. Since Netflix doesn’t offer full library to most countries, ensure that the VPN has servers in the US and Europe. This way, you can be sure of getting the best by accessing the online library.

Don’t just focus on security. Instead, ensure that the provider has fast connections with their servers. You will be streaming HD content on Netflix, so you need to have a server that will be fast enough with its connections.

If the provider of your choice is too expensive, then you can opt for a more affordable VPN that doesn’t compromise on the service delivery. However, it is better to pay a little more money but be sure of getting the best services from a VPN provider.

Don’t forget that the VPN provider you choose must have a good track record with its clients. Also, they must be available whenever you need their help. Avoid working with unknown brands whenever you are looking for a VPN provider. If you have never heard of a specific provider, make sure that you do in-depth research and only choose it if people are talking positively about them. Other than that, stick to the renowned and reputable providers.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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What is a no-log VPN?

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, allow people to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely by encrypting the data sent or received during the user’s online session. This shields users’ online privacy and anonymity and helps protect the personal information they transmit while on public Wi-Fi.VPN

What does a VPN without logs mean?

A no-log VPN means that the virtual private network provider does not collect, or “log,” any information transmitted through the network. They don’t save information about your personal details, where you go online, what you download, or what you search for. Therefore, your online privacy and anonymity are protected from everybody — even your VPN provider.

What’s so great about no-log VPNs?

Why do VPN service providers do this? If you’re entrusting a company to encrypt and protect what you do online, shouldn’t you fundamentally trust that business to follow the same practices? Most VPN companies believe the answer is yes. They don’t log any of your information because they don’t want it. These no-log VPN service providers won’t build databases of your personal information to sell to third parties.

Does the Norton VPN keep logs?

No, Norton Secure VPN does not keep logs.Some VPN providers do collect a minimal amount of user information, such as your email, but these exceptions to the rule should be available in their privacy policy.

As stated in the Norton Privacy Notice, Norton Secure VPN collects subscriber information for communication purposes, mobile device data, and aggregate bandwidth usage. Norton Secure VPN does not log information about where you go on the internet.Remember: All VPN services are different. Not all VPN providers operate logless networks, so you should choose your VPN service carefully if this is important to you.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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Tianjin International School

Tianjin International School (TIS) seeks to serve the expatriate community by providing an excellent academic program, a strong fine arts program, and full access to computer technology for each student. Bolstered by a commitment to provide academic programs from a Christian perspective, TIS prepares all students to engage in the global community. The international experience is a priceless opportunity for our students.
Tianjin International School has been accredited with the California-based Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 1992. Currently, it is fully accredited through 2010.
The elementary division uses traditional teacher-directed study and learning activities in Bible, language arts, science, social studies, Chinese, math, physical education, art, and music. The program is committed to instructional strategies and academic content that complement the developmental needs of the children. The middle school program balances an academic curriculum with a variety of sports and co-curricular classes for individual interests such as computer applications, fine arts, foreign language, and creative writing. Students also have the opportunity to engage in competitive sports. The high school is college-preparatory in scope and is complemented by a range of Advanced Placement and honors courses. The guidance department offers assistance to students in college and career planning. Students have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities in sports, music, and student government.
The faculty at Tianjin International School is committed to invest in students' lives. The commitment to teach brings knowledge, wisdom, focus, and life to the TIS campus. Members of the faculty are involved with the ideas and concerns of students while serving as instructors, mentors, coaches, academic advisors, club sponsors, and caring community group leaders. They are also professionals: all core curriculum teachers hold a bachelor's or master s degree in their respective fields.
The spacious facilities are conducive to quality education. The rooms are airy and light with central air conditioning and heating. There is a fully functioning kitchen and cafeteria as well as an additional snack bar and cafeteria for middle and high school. The library is a delightful mix of fancy and function, inspiring student involvement. Computer labs are fully equipped and up to date, including a wireless network system. The school is currently involved in a new campus project, with a projected move date of 2008. The new facilities will include a 400-seat auditorium, full-sized gymnasium, and full-sized track and soccer field.

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As a major global city, there are a number of excellent international schools in Shanghai offering foreign curricula. The International Baccalaureate and the national curricula of the UK and US are the most popular. Shanghai international school admission

The best international schools in Shanghai are set in modern facilities and offer a good mix of academics and extra-curricular activities. Small class sizes, highly qualified teachers and a diverse student body can also be expected. The most desirable schools often have limited space, so it's well worth applying early to secure a seat.

International schools benefit not just an expat child's education, but can also ease the adjustment to life in Shanghai. A familiar curriculum is often comforting in such a new and different environment, and allows for an easy transition to schools back home, should the family return.

Here is a list of the most prominent international schools in Shanghai.
Britannica International School, Shanghai

Britannica International School, Shanghai is a centrally located British school for pupils aged 2 to 18 with the English National Curriculum at the core of its education programme. The school's purpose-built campus features a wide range of facilities
Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is a proudly British school that believes in educating and inspiring students by encouraging them to learn from everything they do. Founded in 2003, the school has a diverse student body of 1,500 pupils of more than 40 different nationalities.
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi is a school of teachers who are passionate about their chosen field and believe in the benefits of small class sizes to nurture and support the individual. The school is continually expanding as additional year groups are added.
British International School Shanghai, Puxi

BISS is a diverse school of 2,000 students from 60 countries around the world. The school has excellent facilities, well-qualified teachers, varied extra-curriculars and a top-tier academic programme.
Concordia International School Shanghai

With an average SAT score higher than that of students in the US, Concordia offers a prestigious American-based education. Classes are limited to 18 students, ensuring that students receive individualised attention. Teaching is entirely in English but the importance of Mandarin is emphasised with daily classes in preschool and elementary school.

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US third-quarter economic growth unrevised at 2.1%

U.S. economic growth nudged up in the third quarter, the government confirmed on Friday, and there are signs the economy more or less maintained the moderate pace of expansion as the year ended, supported by a strong labor market.To get more us gdp growth, you can visit shine news official website.

Gross domestic product increased at a 2.1% annualized rate, the Commerce Department said in its third estimate of third-quarter GDP. That was unrevised from last month’s estimate. The economy grew at a 2.0% pace in the April-June period.

Despite the unrevised reading, which was in line with economists’ expectations, consumer spending was stronger than previously reported. There were also upgrades to business spending on nonresidential structures such as power infrastructure, which limited the drop in overall business investment. That offset downward revisions to investment in homebuilding and inventory accumulation. Imports, which are a drag to GDP growth, were higher than previously estimated.When measured from the income side, the economy grew at a 2.1% rate in the last quarter, rather than the 2.4% pace estimated in November. Gross domestic income (GDI) increased at a rate of 0.9% in the second quarter.

The revision to the income side of the growth ledger reflected a downgrade to corporate profits.After-tax profits without inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustment, which corresponds to S&P 500 profits, were revised down to show them declining $23.1 billion, or at a rate of 1.2%. Profits were previously reported to have decreased $11.3 billion, or at a rate of 0.6% in the third quarter.They were in part held down by legal settlements with Facebook and Google. Profits increased at a 3.3% rate in the second quarter.

The average of GDP and GDI, also referred to as gross domestic output and considered a better measure of economic activity, increased at a 2.1% rate in the July-September period. That was down from the previously reported 2.3% pace and an acceleration from a 1.4% growth rate in the second quarter.

The economy appears to have maintained its moderate growth speed in the fourth quarter, with the lowest unemployment rate in nearly half a century supporting consumer spending. Recession fears, which gripped financial markets in the summer, have faded.

The Federal Reserve’s three interest rate cuts this year are lifting the housing market. The U.S. central bank last week kept rates steady and signaled borrowing costs could remain unchanged at least through 2020.

Manufacturing looks to be stabilizing as tensions in the 17-month trade war between the United States and China ease. A turnaround in manufacturing could, however, be delayed after Boeing announced on Monday it would suspend production of its best-selling 737 MAX jetliner in January as fallout from two fatal crashes of the now-grounded aircraft drags into 2020.

Growth estimates for the fourth quarter range from as low as a 1.3% rate to as high as a 2.3% pace. Though growth has been relatively strong, economists did not expect the economy to achieve the Trump administration’s 3.0% target this year.

The economy grew 2.6% in the first half. Growth has slowed from the 3.1% rate notched in the first three months of the year in part because of the U.S.-China trade war and as the stimulus from last year’s $1.5 trillion tax cut package fades.

Growth in consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, was raised to a 3.2% rate in the third quarter from the previously reported 2.9% pace. Inventories rose at a $69.4 billion pace instead of the $79.8 billion rate reported last month.

As a result of the smaller build, inventories were neutral to GDP growth last quarter, instead of adding 0.17 percentage point as previously reported. The trade deficit increased at a $990.1 billion rate instead of the previously reported $988.3 billion pace. The wider trade gap, which reflected higher imports, subtracted 0.14 percentage point from GDP growth, rather than the 0.11 percentage point estimates last month.

Business investment dropped at a 2.3% rate in the third quarter, rather than contracting at a 2.7% pace as previously reported. Spending on nonresidential structures such as mining exploration, shafts and wells declined at a 9.9% rate instead of the previously reported 12.0% pace.

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Study Finds Mainstream Brands More Reliable Than Premium

You’d think that making the financial effort to buy a premium car over a mainstream model gives you that peace of mind in terms of reliability over the years. While that’s true in some cases, a new study shows that fancy cars actually have slightly more problems on average than regular models. The J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study is out, and for the first time, mass-market brands have fared better on average than luxury brands.To get more luxury car brands, you can visit shine news official website.

The study shows there were on average 141 problems per 100 premium cars studied whereas mainstream vehicles encountered only 135 issues. The study was conducted between October and December 2018 based on responses from 32,952 original owners in the United States of 2016 model year cars.

However, the fact that premium cars had on average slightly more problems than mainstream ones doesn’t tell the whole story. For the eighth consecutive year, Lexus, a luxury brand, ranked the highest in the overall vehicle dependability among all brands, with only 106 problems per 100 vehicles. Another premium marque, Porsche, shares the second spot with Toyota, with 108 issues.
The 2019 edition of the annual study has a new award for the Most Dependable Model and that one goes to the Porsche 911. Overall, the vehicle dependability has improved on average by 4 percent compared to the previous year, with the analysis showing six fewer issues per 100 vehicles, now at 136. It’s also worth mentioning that for the first time in the 30 years of the study, all German brands were better than the industry average.

With an impressive reduction in problems of 65 per 100 vehicles, Chrysler was named the most-improved brand, followed by Mini with an improvement of 34 and Subaru with 31 fewer issues.

At the very bottom of the rankings, Fiat owners spent the most time at repair shops, with the study showing 249 problems per 100 vehicles. It was a similar story with Land Rover as J.D. Power discovered owners encountered 221 problems on average. It may come as a bit of a surprise, but 2016MY Volvos also had many malfunctions as the study shows owners had 204 problems per 100 vehicles.

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Amidst exploding VPN usage, here are the threats affecting VPN services

VPNs are one of the most popular online tools when it comes to maintaining web-surfers’ privacy from prying eyes of malicious actors. With a privacy-focused VPN, the entire online traffic of an end-user goes via a proxy server, which uses an encrypted connection.unblock websites

Current VPN trend

According to Global Mobile VPN Report 2019 by Top10VPN, there have been more than 480 million mobile VPN applications download from official Android and iOS app stores in the last 12 months. Notably, it is 54 percent more than the year before.

Explaining the reason behind this spike, Simon Migliano, Head of Research at Top10VPN, said, "the surge was most pronounced overall in the Asia-Pacific (APAC), a region heavily afflicted by political and social unrest in the past 12 months, where 188 million apps were downloaded, which was more than double the previous year's total."

However, the trend among businesses is unlike the mobile trends. Traditional VPNs architecture, along with the recent breaches in the VPN providers network (for example, NordVPN), has raised some serious questions on the privacy and safety of the users.

NordVPN attack

Almost a month ago, NordVPN—a renowned VPN service provider, was attacked which raised suspicion about online privacy through other VPN providers. Attackers had managed to exploit one security flaw—at a data center located in Finland—within an interface for remote management.

At the same time, TorGuard and VikingVPN were other two providers that were breached, but none of them, including NordVPN, said that any credential or browsing history was leaked.

What makes a VPN vulnerable?

Weak security protocol: Firstly, many VPN providers fail to take the user’s security and privacy seriously enough. They still use single-layer protection, such as concealing the user’s real IP address, and displaying the IP address of the private server to protect their users online. Secondly, VPN providers using a weak security protocol as their primary protection system harm users. PPTP is an example of a weak and obsolete security protocol; there’s no way to switch to other security protocol even if the connection is encrypted with a private network. This loophole can be exploited by hackers to penetrate further in the network.

Flaws in VPN clients: Despite using a reputed and reliable VPN provider, users can still get axed by security threats due to flaws in the software client provided by the vendor. Recent discoveries of flaws in enterprise VPN provided by Fortinet, Palo Alto, and Pulse Secure, have raised many red flags for organizations using such services. Whether it is consumer-grade or commercial VPN, any service can get affected by flaws in their software clients.

Unreliable VPN services: Users, generally, are unaware of what differentiates one VPN service from the other; all they want is a proxy server to get their job done. How would one know if there’s any guaranteed online protection and privacy that they need? Almost all free VPN services have been spotted with suspicious behavior, especially those used in mobile devices. Hackers are looking for such vulnerabilities to penetrate their target’s system.

Server problems: If you have used a VPN service, you know what it is going to be about. Server problems are frustrating. Server problems can range from server connection issue, a slow connection speed to server downtime, and more. All these automatically disrupt a private or secure connection, leaving the connection vulnerable to attacks. Moreover, if one eventually get connected to a desired server, the connection may not be as private as one would expect.
When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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