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Centrophenoxine is synthesized from DMAE. DMAE is a natural chemical that has been shown to improve areas of cognition and mood. DMAE’s exact method of action is slightly disputed. Some see it as a precursor to Acetylcholine but others contest this as choline molecules broken down from DMAE are not believed to cross the blood-brain-barrier efficiently.DMAE vs. CentrophenoxineIt is not clear how the method of action differs from DMAE to Centrophenoxine. One thing for sure is that Centrophenoxine is much stronger than DMAE as a nootropic. This is likely due to a higher bioavailability of Centrophenoxine or a difference in how it is metabolized in the liver. If you are taking DMAE as a choline source, consider switching to Centrophenoxine as it is known to be more powerful as a nootropic substance.Both substances are broken down in the liver. The liver metabolizes both substances and breaks them down into choline or phospholipid molecules.Centrophenoxine
DMAE has been suggested to have limited effectiveness because the choline molecules are charged and therefore have limited effectiveness in getting to the brain.Centrophenoxine Method of ActionCholine and certain phospholipids are converted into Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is important and higher levels and receptor uptake will lead to better cognition. Not all choline will be converted into Acetylcholine and there are several processes that take place between the choline to Acetylcholine conversation. It seems as not all choline sources are created equal. Some sources will have much higher levels of Acetylcholine conversion.Centrophenoxine’s primary method of action is believed to be caused by increased levels of Acetylcholine. Whether this is from breakdown into choline or related phospholipids’ is unclear. There are several phospholipids that will also convert into Acetylcholine. This may be an area where Centrophenoxine is more superior to DMAE.
With this said, the general consensus is that Centrophenoxine supplementation leads to higher Acetylcholine levels and better cognition.Centrophenoxine also may have effects on other neurotransmitters in the brain. It has been suggested to help with mood.Claimed BenefitsCentrophenoxine has been marketed under trade names such as “Lucidril” in some countries. In medical science, Centrophenoxine has been tested for use in treating several cognitive disorders.Centrophenoxine is also an excellent antioxidant. It helps to reduce free radicals in the brain. It is more superior to DMAE as an antioxidant. For this reason, Centrophenoxine has been promoted to reduce “brain aging” and is marketed primarily as a powerful antioxidant.Side EffectsCentrophenoxine has been seen to be well tolerated.
Although this is true, side effects can still occur. These side effects are more likely in higher doses and when combined with other substances. If you are on prescription drugs you should speak with your doctor to assist in avoiding interactions with Centrophenoxine. Below are some common side effects of Centrophenoxine.HeadacheNauseaDizzinessGastronintesinal issuesJaw clenchingIrritabilityIf you do experience side effects it is recommended to discontinue use and speak to a doctor.Centrophenoxine vs. Alpha GPC vs. CDP CholineCentrophenoxine, like Alpha GPC and CDP Choline is an excellent Acetylcholine source. Comparing the three is very hard as it comes down to personal experimentation to find the best supplement for you. If you are using nootropics like racetams, an Acetylcholine source will often be added to potentiate effects. Centrophenoxine, Alpha GPC or CDP Choline may all be options for you. These three options are the best choices for choline supplementation.

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